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Wow, interesting thought. I seem to have NRE for Mono all the time, even after a year, whereas my husband, Nerdist, I have NRE over when I have spent a good long time away from him and we actually get quality time together talking and enjoying an activity together. Most of our life is the daily runnings stuff of looking after a child, house, car, finances, job... not much NRE in that, but I welcome our moments of it when I rediscover him after a long period of just being together. With Mono my NRE comes from our relationship being about just being together. I get NRE when I am about to see him to do something special. I also have NRE with both of them together at this point as I feel most happy when we are all together. I feel like I am home and have NRE over that feeling. I don't know if it's NRE over the situation or them as an entity together...? good question for me to answer there I think. I tend to really feel safe and warm when they are together as if they are a unit. Much as I would over our couple friends. Those kinds of friends that I can't imagine spending time with apart as their energy is that of a team... does that make sense? I have NRE over the "team" of Mono and Nerdist somehow...
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