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Originally Posted by TaraDelFuego View Post
It's never easy is it? :/
Hi, TaraDelFuego.
I'm Jim.
"Never" is a strong word. Exercising honesty is like exercising a muscle. At first, it's hard, heavy, and adjoining parts of you will be sore. If you teach your body and mind how to do it and remain consistent, though, it does get easier. It's one of those things about life that feels very unnatural to us because of the soreness we feel and the effort involved, but the benefits make us much stronger and healthier. Also, as time moves along, sometimes we find that we've outgrown our workout partner(s). By all means, they deserve a chance to catch up and maintain our pace, as do we, their's. If they don't or can't for whatever reason, then we have a tough decision to make. I hope this rambling simile is remotely helpful.
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