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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
So, what was this blog? Sounds like a very particular set of people, and not necessarily representative of the way the majority of kinky folks might do long-distance D/s relationships.
Hmm, what stands out about what I wrote that makes you say it is dissimilar to how most kinksters do online D/s?

It is a very specific type of domination and submission, yes. But I am hesitant to reveal what it is and where the blogs are, basically because I realized that I have participated in something like it in my past (non-kinky) relationships, quite by accident. The ways in which the dommes describe why they are into it and how some of the elements of that power exchange appeal to them surprisingly resonated with me, in some way. So, I want to investigate it right now, without blabbering on about all of it just yet.

This is really unexpected - I am not saying I want to embark on it, but I find it intriguing. I have been told several times in my life that I would make a "good dominatrix" and would immediately say, "No way!" and then I read about this (which I'd never heard of before) and see a faint shade of it in my past, so... just exploration and trying to understand it and myself a little better right now.
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