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Alrighty then.

I want to be clear that i was not suggesting what you seem to think i was suggesting! I even bolded that the second time i said it ( this was the third time just now) because i know you have a lot of stuff to read on here and i'm not the only one writing.

I was not suggesting ANYWHERE that you not move to australia and all that. I do not CARE - well i DO "care" but what i mean is that it makes NO DIFFERENCE to me what you do because when i hang up this forum i go back to MY life which right now has nothing newsworthy other than well, boring things like bills and laundry.

I was observing that it would not be the end of the world if your kids went to school in london because plenty of people go to school in london and turn out just fine. I think maybe you would do well to let go of the attitude that it matters too much in the grand scheme, because your children pick up on these things. My mother was uptight in certain ways and i took it for granted until i realized, wait a minute, i don't have to be like that just because that's the way my mother was.

I notice how people construct sentences; i guess you could say it's a hobby of some sort. I am particularly interested in the difference between oral and written communication. I think many people on here respond better to spoken word because you can use sound and sight to help send and receive the message. I however appreciate that those things are absent on the written format...

Sorry i digress and my train has arrived so i have to go.

Take it easy for now.
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