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Originally Posted by FullofLove1052 View Post
If that is what I choose to address, why does it bother you so much? I address things that are relevant to what happened and contributed to many problems. Communication was shitty. I get it. How many times does it need to be said? I am working on it.

Out of curiosity, what would you like me to talk about? I am not going to, but it does make me wonder. Go on and on about all that is wrong instead of making it right. Maybe I should continue talking about all that I did wrong and apparently still doing wrong. Rehashing the past is key to moving forward, right?

Do we see eye to eye on every single thing? Do I like everything about him? No. I do know him, but I do not know everything about him. You can be with a person for 30 years and learn new things about them every day. People change. What worked for someone five years ago may not be something they particularly care to live with in the present. Matt's tolerance ran out. The end.

To my knowledge, your only suggested alternative was that it would not be so bad if my child went to a school here. Like I told you, her education is it a piece of the puzzle but not the only reason.

I have listened to all of the alternatives, but at the same token, I cannot force anyone to do anything. At the end of the day, people are going to do what they feel like doing. Should I hold them hostage and make them work it out? I am sorry. I have no interest in doing that either. My final solution is one that would probably not be highly favoured, but I have no control right now, so I have to sit back and watch from the sideline.

What is your solution to all of this, BG? You are pointing out what you think are superficial issues, but that is all. Critiquing what I feel like discussing is not going to make any of the other issues go away.

I don't have a solution, and i'm not trying to say something to make all your issues go away. Wow. Is that what you think everyone here is trying to do for you? I thought this was a blog where you throw out your thoughts and people can throw out their thoughts about what you write. I haven't been critical or disrespectful to you. I thought it was ok with you if i posted here after we had our conversation in PM but i guess i must have missed something important because you have now made it clear that you definitely do not welcome my presence here.

I excuse myself.
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