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Welcome to the world of polyamory and this forum!

You story sounds really good - healthy, open and rewarding. It's a shame things like that have to end, I know, but people do move on, and you grieve that loss...

As for what to do, do you know if there are any poly groups in your area, so that you can get to know (even if in friendship only) people in your area?

Your prpofile says you ra in Houtson, TX, and from doing a quick search I found - not sure how active it is, but you might like to sign on there and see what is going on. Some of the poly groups hold regular social get-togethers so that you can find others who also choose the "responsible non-monogamous" lifestyle.

Also, swinging and polyamory aren't mutually exclusive - there are quite a few people who are quite happily doing both - some feel that they each "scratch different itches" and others like the flexibility. So what I'm saying is that you don't have to choose, if you don't want to.

There is plenty of good advice on this forum, and links to many other resources where you can read more.

I hope your journey is rewarding.

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