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I think that it is very interesting to compare what goes on at various poly events, so I really appreciate you sharing this with us.

In our more rural area, the meets are usually around dinner at a restaurant - conversation is about everything, including poly. I think that an outsider observing us and even hearing most of the conversation would think that we were a bunch of friends getting together for dinner, and nothing more. I just think that they would have trouble trying to work out who the "couples" are.

I know that New York City holds cuddle parties around the time of the Pride Parade, and I know that suits some. It wouldn't suit me - I'm the type that is picky about who is in my personal space and it's rare that I would meet someone new in an evening and want to cuddle with them that same evening.

NYC has many types of poly events - which is a great luxury for those living in or near the city - I am certain other big cities have similar.

I would be curious to hear other people's experiences attending poly get-togethers and meet-ups of the various types.

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