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Originally Posted by Mark1npt View Post
Maybe I'm a little out of touch with some polys, but is it customary to start making out with some chick the first poly event you go to? Whatever happened to a meet and greet, learn a little and make a date for some other time? Do we all now move right into the next make out chick at our next meeting?
Woot, making out with chicks!
I must say that our meetings are cuddly but the formate for ours might be different and for that reason we don't get more intimate than a leg across someone, someone else giving a massage etc. Ours are about education and philisophical discussion that's why. Perhaps before we lambast poor mark and before anyone gets their knickers in a knot we can hear a bit about how the meeting was run? I think of meetings as sitting down at a large table to discuss something. This sounds like it wasn't that at all. How did you meet the woman you met? Who was the creepy guy? What was the permiss behind being there? To find dates? It sounds more like our dating group here than our meeting group.

I'm glad it went so well both of you!
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