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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I was referring to their identity. Does everyone stay anonymous or do they know each other's real names and contact info?
Why not share names? If you're play partners, you want to be intimate. That would include names.

Hmmm. In this blog I found, there were more than a few Dommes who say their policy is "Do not ever send me pictures of you naked or talk to me about sex." Many will create videos and send pics to subs as rewards, but it seems even more will NOT cam or do things like that, and look down a little bit on those who do -- but they will talk on the phone with their subs or slaves, to tell them what to do (I guess). For them, it's all about the power exchange and they don't want sex or sexy pics/videos involved.
I've found some Dom/mes are actually pretty repressed people and dont want, or can't have, regular sex. I know some Dom/mes will go through a session denying orgasm to their sub. The sub likes this. So, win-win. Personally I am quite the opposite.
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