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Default Meh....

BoringGuy: Never been called a bitch before in a non-consensual session, or a consensual one for that matter, so that was a first... So inflammatory.... but you did use mighty fine punctuation in that sentence, which I enjoyed. Nice Job! I hope you got your ipod sorted and were able to scratch your itch, so to speak.

Tonberry: How does one lose couple privilege? By being single? I have always really enjoyed being single, and don't feel like I have lost privileges because of it. Breakups make me sad because I lose somebody that I love; is it the privilege of loving someone that you're talking about? I just don't understand the basic premise of it - we are all privileged, and need to stop using it as some kind of judgement that is meant to alienate or point fingers.

RedPepper: It seems to be growing in popularity, and I wonder why nobody seems to be talking about the privileges of single people, the privileges of secondaries, etc. Everyone IS privileged, and.... moving on

I just don't get the division and judgement that seems to be arising with increasing regularity around couples.
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