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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
Ohh, that sucks about your car. You were definitely not at fault, the officer should have filed a report. I just don't understand ...

Does Si contact you much these days? Does she have anything to say about what her plans are, what she'll tell the kids, and whether she'll try to improve anything with Matt?

It seems like you could use some improved luck ...
The driver left the scene before he got there. She got out to look at her vehicle and left like immediately. She was probably uninsured or something. She apparently had a change of heart and contacted the police. There was only one accident at that time of morning in that area, so they automatically knew which officer had handled it and passed it on to him. I went up there to get the report and I was informed that there was no report or case number. I talked to him Wednesday afternoon, which is how I found out that the other person reported their part in the accident. And he is on a holiday until Monday. The front desk could not seem to figure it out and suggested that I return on Monday. I am trying to figure out why he did not submit a report. He has a lot of explaining to do because the records reflect him being dispatched. Even the people at the front desk were like, "We see where he came out, but he did not file a report. We do not know why." I am not paying when I was not at fault. Someone slammed into the back of me while I was at a full stop. I cannot even get mad. I might be tempted to slap the hell out of that officer, though.

We talk at least once a day. She has not mentioned her plans or anything related to that. There are no plans to make amends with Matt. She is stubborn. He is stubborn. She thinks he is in the wrong and should apologise. He just thinks the exact same thing. She wants him to stop being difficult. He wants her to fade into obscurity. They are both being ridiculous. I just listen like a good friend and wife. I am done offering solutions. They both make me shake my head.

I am smiling in the face of adversity. Things could always be worse.
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