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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
How did he do that? Did he send her an actual collar in the mail and keep the key? I saw some references to being a "keyholder." It seemed that the Dommes would treat the key (whether of a collar or chastity device) as proof of... something. I guess the sub sends pics of themselves wearing it?
Chastity play is a whole different thing, even though it's usually done in the confines of a D/s relationship. Being a keyholder is usually held as a very important and special thing. It takes a lot of trust for someone to trust someone else to be in control of their sex organs!

There are plenty of ways to do it long distance, though I have no experience with that. The common thing to do is have numbered plastic locks...I imagine pictures would be taken and sent back and forth. Locking a collar on isn't very practical in LD "real life"...unless the person is comfortable wearing their collar full time. Of course, the numbered plastic keys could be used in that circumstance as well.
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