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My heart, my emotions. If I'm hurt and hating it, those emotions are my own. If I wish I would have never had to deal with it, than that's also my own. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has got one. I am healing in my own way. Today is my really pissed the fuck off day. So yes, I'm hating what's happened, can't really blame me for that. I hate having to deal with it cause I hate myself for letting it happen to me. I hate that it ended but happy that it did all at the same time. Emotions are not juvenile, how you handle them marks your maturity. I did the right thing but I am venting and bitter at the moment. This too shall pass.
Me: 30. New to Poly but previous swinger for roughly 4 years. Married since 2008 but together since 2007.

Husband: Mid 30's. Swinger.

Boyfriend is a Muslim and we're in a LDR since July of 2014.
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