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Default Update: Letter to sexual mate

He never responded to this letter. When we were making love again he said do I take care of your pussy? I said yes love you do. Thank you for taking care of me it feels good. He just continued and said nothing else. I am guessing if he ignores it, it may go away in his mind.

Here was the finished version of the letter:
"Good night lovey enjoy your weekend. Hope you get time off every weekend ...the whole weekend.
My mentor said at some point I need to talk to you about me going in the direction of two relationships even if my second is only seen every blue moon. I will be mostly exclusive but keep the relationship open to other men. I read this in the forum quote-"growing into a sense of security with each other over time, realizing that the existence of other relationships for each other didn't change how you and I are together or love one another"."
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