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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Hey everybody,
How do they develop the relationship, dominate, enforce their contracts, etc.?
I've had a bit of personal experience in this. You develop the relationship by talking. The Dom/me tells the sub what to do. The Dom/me demands to be addressed respectfully, usually to be called Ma'am, Miss, Sir, Daddy or some other term of respect. "Enforcement" isn't needed, because it is all consensual. If a sub doesn't please, he or she knows they will be dropped.

And how would they know the subs are really who they say they are?
I'm not sure what you mean by this. Not really a sub? Not really the gender or age or whatever that they say they are? A sub can send pix or get on cam even if their Dom/me doesn't want to. But I can imagine some Dom/mes who would be ok with getting on cam themselves.

I've ordered subs to do various things and I am pretty sure they were actually doing what they said they were, just by the apparent excitement they showed in their typing. Sometimes you have them do such and such (wear a certain outfit, get in a certain position, masturbate in public, flog themselves, tie up their cock and balls, etc, there are so many fun things to do!), and write on a piece of paper, or on their body, something like, "Hello Miss X (the Dom/me's name), this one (meaning themselves) is your slut," and take a pic of themselves, along with the piece of signed paper.

Also, do you think anyone gets into domming in order to gain confidence and develop leadership skills, or is it usually just something they are naturally skilled at?
You need a certain degree of leadership skills, but they can be further developed in the relationship. Likewise, the sub/slave is trained to be a more pleasing sub, learning to do things that specifically please their Miss/Master.
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