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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
But we are all on our own journey of discovery, and sometimes that journey requires us to travel along unpleasant byways and dangerous detours before we reach our destination.

Maybe i believe that, maybe i don't. You decide. But it sure looks good on paper, doesn't it! How do i look in this new lyrical style? Does it make me look fat? How about short?

Ooooh, are we doing themes? I choose iambic pentameter next!

I do agree though, it's actually kind of juvenile, to me anyway, to say things like "I wish I never loved again!" Or "I wish I could close off my heart!" I say juvenile because that's where I see it. Teenagers, I still roll my eyes at my own kids for that kind of thing. DH has said that one of the things he doesn't like is seeing me hurt. He especially hates it when it's over someone he feels, 'doesn't deserve' me. Those not willing to put in even an ounce of work for a relationship. He can hate it, and he does, but he also knows that I'm just not the type to close my heart. Kind of goes along with the living poly thing.

Say you wish it didn't hurt, we all wish it didn't. For ourselves and for you, but the truth is, if you regret ever having the relationship, you probably shouldn't have been in it in the first place.
Me: 40 pansexual poly.
DH: My husband of 21 yrs and father of 3 teen girls.
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