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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
I think it's something some people are naturally skilled at and/or enjoy, but i also think it's possible to "act" dominant in order to please your partner... or satisfy your customer.

That said (that's my latest segue), i don't think there would be any use for dominant partners or Masters/Mistresses, etc. if there wasn't such a demand by submissive types. Perhaps i'm mistaken, but i do not believe being submissive is something you can fake and still enjoy in order to please your partner, due to the "optional" nature of that power-imbalance. Besides, i thought i read that subs outnumber doms by... I don't remember exactly, but it was at least by an order of magnitude or two.
I totally agree with this. My husband is's who he is and always has been. I tend to lean toward dominance, but am more vanilla. I can "act" dominant to him when that's what he wants/needs. He can also "act" dominant during play, but that's where it ends. His submissiveness is a part of who he is.
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