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LOL... I cant wait to get my ass jumped for what i'm about to say....

Remember as you read this, that I can't think of anyone on this forum that i dont like and I'm not attacking people... I'm attacking recklessly tossed words...

It infuriates me to no end when i hear people say things to the effect of not wanting to have ever loved or to love again... to me, those thoughts are a bunch of short-sighted, careful what you wish for, hypocritical, spoiled, take everything for granted, unfeeling (by definition), useless load of bullshit...

Love hurts. Polyamory = many loves = many hurts... Mother Fucker!! the math is right there...
Hurt is going to happen. Balance. Yin and Yang.

who the fuck ever heard of someone on there deathbed saying "oh poor me, i wish i had loved less...."

Give me a fucking break...

that being said... I know it hurts. I'm even sorry it hurts... We heal, we learn. we love again... I wouldn't ever wish that away out loud. It's just too precious to be so irresponsible about.

Big feelings and the capacity for many are just that. Welcome to the world.
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