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So what are you saying? That there is no such thing as "couple privilege" and that it's just a concept invented in order to... give people with too much time on their hands something to intellectually masturbate about?

The way i see it, yes we are spoiled westerners, and i can't believe some of the things people come on here to bitch and complain about. I went through a lot of the same stuff but there was no internet to wail and gnash my teeth on, and people in my social circle didn't really have the time or inclination to listen to my bullshit. People come here and complain how they just figured out they are poly and Where Oh Where shall i find other poly people to date? Never mind that we are all privileged to HAVE this internet where we can search for exactly what we want and it doesn't even charge you by how far away the source of your target website is. Sorry but i can't feel sorry for what you go through.

Yes there are privileges to being a couple, especially if you are legally married. These are too numerous to list, but some of them are precisely among the reasons why i got married. I admit that, and i'm not ashamed or even a little bit self-conscious about it. Marriage is part of a subset of privileges in a privileged society. just because some people don't have lightbulbs in their homes doesn't make married people any less privileged when it comes to say, how it affects their credit score. (all other variables being equal or equivalent, etc.)

That said, i certainly don't think that just because i am married, my spouse should dump their other partner because i said so. When people on this forum speak of "couple privilege", they are usually referring to it within that sort of context, not in the grand scheme of the universe.
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