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Originally Posted by leelee22 View Post
Thank you, Janelle, for the very kind words...

I am recently divorced, from an abusive husband ....
So in the last 2 years, I divorced him, got a demanding (but great) full-time job... repaired all the financial problems ... and found a new home for me and my kids. So I have made ALOT of changes, and I feel really good about them. ...getting rid of that boyfriend did help.... I rejected someone's terms. So I guess that's a step.

Leelee.... there are 6 or more examples in the above edited quote of you taking action, standing up for yourself and your kids, and turning a HUGE corner in your life. Do keep up that good work! This thread has become one of my favorites to follow because not only have you absorbed advice and support, you've followed through and kicked ass! You were well on your way to a really good place a couple of years before this thread started and the good news just keeps coming. Abusive men operate much like sharks and seek out prey who are sending invisible signals of distress. Such distress is an irresistible attractant to both breeds. The funny thing about sharks is, when one dies in the water they release an unknown repellent quality, and other sharks completely vacate those waters and travel up to thousands of miles away. I believe abusive jackasses respond in the same way when people finally trigger themselves to make a stand.

I'm not saying kill any men or sharks, but you're building healthy habits of not sticking around to stand for abuse or mistreatment. The first one is the hardest, and you've got two under your belt. Yaaaaay!!
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