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Originally Posted by FullofLove1052 View Post
Why should everything have to change because everything fell apart?
Right. I did say
in no way am i suggesting that you change your plans at the 11th hour.
So I am not even going to answer your question "why". It's not relevant to me.

But check it out. Read the sentence that I quoted up there and meditate on it.

Why "should" everything change? There is no "should", there is only "did". "Falling apart" IS "change". Basically, you just said "why should everything change just because everything changed?"

That doesn't mean I think you should change your plans to move
. It means that I think you would benefit from looking at how you form sentences to express your thoughts and why you choose the words you choose. There is a whole other level of self-awareness to be had when we examine how we translate our thoughts from the abstract to the concrete. Communication is not JUST something we do with each other; there is more to it than talking and listening. It is also about meta-articulation and self-programming. When we recognize that we're stuck in mental/cognitive feed-back loops that are not serving us to our benefit, we can then make a conscious effort to eradicate them.

I know that many people reading this will not get it. Some of you will probably perceive this post, and my previous one, as me trying to tell the OP how to live her life. That is ok with me because I know that there are others who will read this and say "Thank you for saying that, it was just what I needed to hear."
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