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Hi there.

I appreciate that your child is looking forward to attending this school, and in no way am i suggesting that you change your plans at the 11th hour, but seriously - plenty of people attend public schools or private school in the area in which they already live, in London and elsewhere around the world, and turn out just fine, go on to higher education and successful careers and happy lives. I know your kid is the most important special kid in the world and you want to do what is absolutely the right thing, but you repeat this reason over and over like you need to keep repeating it to yourself so you'll believe it.

I do NOT care where you send your children to school. Let's be clear on that. I do think you are fixated on it more than your daughter though. She's probably "so excited" because YOU are so excited. She's never been to school before, she has no frame of reference, she's five years old. Five year olds pretty much are still responding to the milieu that revolves around their parents. No i do not have kids but i remember what it was like when i was five. I thought the way my parents lived was the way everyone lived.

Anyway, what i am trying to say is, it would not mean the end of civilization as you know it if you sent your daughter to school in England, even in >gasp< London.

Originally Posted by FullofLove1052 View Post
My child is looking forward to going to that school. I am proud because she is excited about getting an education. That is a parents dream. I am not going to break that promise to her. We let her have a say because we want her to know we value her opinion. She would be upset if I dashed her hopes because of all the adult drama. She told her grandmother, "I am going to big school!

We decided years ago that we did not want to raise our children in London. We looked at schools here, but nothing stood out to us. First impressions are everything to us. If the person who answered the phone and my initial questions was off-putting, it left a bad taste in my mouth. If you are too busy to return my call, that was off-putting. If we are trying to get a feel for the school and the staff, I need to know that I can reach someone if there is a problem. Overall we were unimpressed.

Maybe we do need to reconsider.

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