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I'm taking the night off tonight to take LB to the IMAX movie Butterflies. I here its good and he is really looking forward to it. I have been busy with a new number and a new show coming up this Friday and he hasn't had much mumma time. He's turning ten next month and I feel his interest in mumma time slipping a bit. So I am really looking forward to our mumma and boy date.

I had a party this weekend for my brother. He just finished his PHD and he came to visit from a neighboring city. He didn't bring his gf which was really nice. She's a nice woman but the two of them are so co-dependent and it kind of means that I don't get any time with my bro at all when she is around. I was glad to hog him and show him a good time.

Ken came to the party with his now ex-girlfriend and my co-worker. Her and I have been getting along like we used to since they broke up. I am glad to have my friend back. The two of them didn't have enough in common to stay together so they decided to break up. According to her. I haven't had a chance to talk to him since as I have been busy with the show, but I have asked if I can take him for dinner to thank him for helping me out with lending me space in the apartment building he manages. He is also going to work on my van soon so I can start going to out door music fests in it. So excited!

I am planning to work on getting my bike licence after this show. I have the book and just need to read it, pass the exam and then do the road test. Then to by a bike. I saw a woman yesterday on one when I pulled up to a light beside her. She was obviously on top of the world about being out in the sun and free. She reminded me of a female Mono It made me happy and all the more inspired. For now Ken has offered to take me on his when he and Mono go for rides.

I have been talking a bit with my high school sweetheart. He has a woman in his life that he flirts with and meets in random cities. They are both CEO's in similar circles and understand each other in a way I don't understand. I am happy for him and happy to talk to him when he gets a chance and needs an ear. I think that is become my role for now in his life and I like it. It makes me feel good to help someone out that might not otherwise get the help due to circumstance and public image. Besides, I still love him a whole lot and have a connection due to our history.

Off to get the boy and go to a movie. Its a good day.
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