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Unhappy Stuff is coming out of the woodwork

Okay, so there is a new issue. Apparently, boyfriend has not been entirely honest with his LDR gf. He had told her about me and I was under the impression that she was open to him having a sexual, loving relationship with me. Apparently, this is not true. She does know about me but she is not okay at all with him being with other people.

So my bf is very, very upset cause I figured this out and called him on it. It is not fair at all to his LDR gf that he's doing this to her.

He wants marriage and kids, I can't give him those things. He wants her but he doesn't want to lose me, either. He's so torn and upset and I don't really know what to do anymore. I am willing to step away, even though it hurts like a mother fucker and I'm gonna be pretty depressed for awhile.

I know we can't be "just friends". We can't keep our hands to ourselves when we're with each other and the surge of happiness when we see each other is so intense. It would be better if I never saw him again.

So he's really, really depressed. She's sick to her stomach and upset even though she's getting what she wanted. And I'm just feeling numb cause I don't want to feel the pain and I'm gearing myself up to walking away cause I'm going to have to. . .

Guess there is no question, just posting it cause I gotta tell somebody...
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