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Hi, I have been lurking in the background for some time now reading and learning. I (oneofmany) am a female currently involved with two wonderful men. A little on how we became a family.... M - is my husband of 15 years and Blue is my boyfriend of 2 years. Approximately five years ago, some of our friends invited us to attend a local swingers club. I have never been fond of sex outside of a relationship but M and I decided to attend. We both met new friends that were friends in and outside the club. It was more of a social event for us than actually a swingers event. We were at the club one night and one of the staff (Blue) was stationed near our seating. This was the first time I had laid eyes on him and immediately felt a bond. Following the closing of the club that night, we joined Blue at the local Waffle House for an early breakfast. Blue, M, and I developed a great friendship. Blue and I spoke almost daily discussing our lives, his girlfriend (whom he lived with at the time) and daily events. M and Blue often texted and played scrabble on their phones. We had separate but entwined lives up until Blue announced that his girlfriend was kicking him out and he was looking a place to stay. M and I discussed Blue moving in with us since M knew I had feelings for Blue. We presented the option to Blue and he soon arrived at our home. In the beginning, Blue had his own bedroom and I would join him a couple of nights a week. M soon suggested we all share a bedroom. M always loved to watch movies and cuddle in bed before falling asleep. We have been living together 15 months and have endured many obstacles as our families are aging and health issues are a concern. Blue has been great with joining us and helping with all the family issues. He is a true blessing to our home. Blue and M are great friends but neither has any desire to be intimate with the other. It has taken a lot of time and discussions to get us to where we are but I couldn't imagine life without either one of them. I have two loves and wouldn't have it any other way.
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