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Okay, finally I have time to write something. This is my first evening without plans in weeks. Seriously. Life has been busy and seems to be getting even busier now that I managed to get myself a third partner. I really don't know if this was a sensible idea, but I'm willing to try and make it work. I resisted the idea for a while because I wasn't sure if I could do it, but then Hank came to see me for a couple of days (he doesn't live in Dream City) and I just.. couldn't resist anymore. We had some very deep and revealing conversations, really connected. He's such a fascinating and interesting person that I can't say no to this opportunity. I really like him and want to be with him.

It is very weird having double NRE though. I don't recommend it. My mind is SO all over the place and filled with thoughts about my new boyfriends. I'm very glad rory has been so understanding, she's sort of treating me like I have a mental illness. Which seems appropriate. But seriously, if she didn't know the effects of NRE, I probably would seem quite inconsiderate at times, talking about them all the time for example. I'm happy she is the way she is. Super supportive.

I also feel this irrational shame about starting two new relationships so close to each other. There are some friends of mine in Home Country that I don't talk to that often, so the last time we've talked I've told them about Evan. And now the next time I talk to them, I'll be like "I have another new partner!". I'm seriously having trouble adjusting to the fact that I now have three partners and that I will have to tell (mono) people about that at some point.

Let alone time difficulties. It's ok now that Hank doesn't live here, but he is planning to move to Dream City in a few months, so this situation is temporary. In the summer I'll have all of them here in the same city. I don't know yet how I'll manage to do this. Because I don't live with any of them, I'll have to plan my time with everyone.

Three partners! Help! How do I do this right?
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