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Hello, I was excited to find this site and having been browsing for sometime. I decided it was time to introduce myself and my family. I am a female in a v with my husband (M) of 15 years and my boyfriend (Blue) of two years. A little background: M and I had been married for sometime when we had friends invite us to a local swingers club. We visited the club on a fairly regular basis but rarely participated in the swinger activities. M is quite shy but in this surrounding found it easy to make new friends. We met Blue at the swingers club as he was part of the staff. Blue made an effort to introduce us to people and ensure we were comfortable. Blue invited us to an early morning breakfast after the club closed and we all became friends. Blue and I talked almost everyday as Blue was in a difficult relationship and needed someone to listen. We became best friends and as his relationship with his gf ended, Blue stressed he would need a place to stay until he could financially survive. We invited Blue into our home and to be a part of the family. Blue was thrilled. During the first 3 months, Blue had his own bedroom but as time passed, we began to share a bedroom. We have been living together now for 15 months. M and Blue have no relationship outside of their friendship. We have had to overcome many challenges in the past few years with our families getting up in age and needing more from us. I treat them as equals and strive to maintain good communications between the three of us. I welcome any advice and look forward to meeting others who are in a poly relationship.
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