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First off my advice to anyone who says they are not happy is why stay? Never make someone a priority who views you as an option.

Why do you not get time alone with your gf? Is her OSO insecure? Does he require that?

Have you asked for more time? What was her answer?

I am the hinge between my husband and my boyfriend. I split my time 60/40 most of the time between the two of them. Most of that is due to my bf's schedule. I would prefer 50/50 but where life is right now that isn't going to happen. I will either go spend the day/night at my boyfriend's house when he is off either solo or with my children depending on my husband's schedule. Or r he will come spend the day/night with me. My husband will spend the night in the spare bedroom those nights. Where there is a will there is a way.

Do you want someone else? If so then go for it.

Why do there have to be first and second class people in relationships. Why not care/love them for who they are as individuals?
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