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Its been two weeks since I thought it had "sunk in" to work harder on checking in. The first weekend I failed terribly remembering only when we were at the bottom of a canyon. I had put it on the calendar that I'd probably be taking off but I know Jasper hadn't seen it. This past weekend I did it though and surprise! it feels a lot better. It makes me feel really good that Jasper has been very supportive of me getting out on the weekends. We have a TV date on Sunday nights and I send him pictures of where ever I've been. I hope he's got more time to get out of the house and accomplish his own stuff too. We really were spending a lot of time sitting around on the phone. We still do this, but in more manageable chunks. Some part of me worries this means we are starting to grow apart even though it seems a lot better.

I guess I feel a bit worried about how everything seems so easy right now. Herman and I are very happy. We've been having a lot of fun and talking a lot too. Jasper and I seem to be finding a better balance with our relationship and our local lives and have not had a fight in many weeks. We have all been very busy though. I wonder, is that the secret to success or is it just making it easy to ignore our issues? Jasper's moods seem to be some degree better than they had been last year. I wonder if it is being busy that is responsible for that as well. He has taken on a lot of new responsibility at work and is very stressed from that. He is getting a real work out managing anger, not taking things personally, and putting limits on the time he puts in and the amount of responsibility he takes on. From my view he's doing much better. I often feel at a loss for what to do to support him though.

We will all need to work together to get our group May trip planned which I know I've already waited way too long to get booked. Too busy having fun to plan future fun. I think I will have to stay home this coming weekend though, we have no clean clothes or food in the house at this point.
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