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I'm easygoing, I like to make people happy,
I see so much of myself in that we both are givers we both want to make people happy. I too am divorced and never want to go back to a pattern of horrible communication and unmet needs.

You have to grab the reigns of your life and start to speak up about what you'll take and what you won't. Be prepared, evolving into your new person may rock some boats in your current life. Those people who took your "easy going" nature for granted will think you've "changed". When in fact you are creating boundaries, and setting limits.

Words of advice, speak up in the beginning of any new friendships/relationships. Talk about boundaries early and directly, if the answers are unclear ask for clarification, right down to the littlest things like date nite and sleepovers. I've been there, its not good to be taken advantage of. Take it from me "It Gets Greater Later". GOOD LUCK
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