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Default need someone to talk to

I feel in love with my best friend about a year ago and we have been seeing eachother for the last 5 months. I have always been in monogomos relationships and at first struggled with the fact that he wouldn't commit to me. My brother who is also his best friend is poly with his wife and i have learned enough about it to recognize that v didn't have a problem with loving me enough or having a desire to commit to me it was that he wanted to be poly and have the option to have other relationships as well. we have talked about it a lot and i know that we love eachother and that i am fine with him pursuing other woman both emotionally and sexually. where i am having trouble is the fear that he might find someone that he loves more then me. I guess i want him to love me most and don't know if i can get past the jealousy if ever he loved someone more then me. very new to the whole poly concept so i need advice about if i am just being silly or if it is a legitamate fear and how best to deal with it
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