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Thankyou so much for your reply, I'm so grateful for the space to work out my feelings and very grateful for any response to help me work through whats going on.

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Hi Confused,

Just a thought though on your comment about wanting to spend "every minute" available together etc. This CAN be signs of dependency - or lead to it - so I'd just be a little careful about that (and honest with myself).

I would agree with you that certainly earlier in our relationship I was very dependent on my husband. Things are different now, I want to spend every minute possible with him mainly because we don't get much of it I think. We have two small children around all day long and he often works evenings so we tend to get 4 evenings out of 9 to be alone together. I've worked a lot on myself this last couple of years and am finally making strides in accepting myself and liking myself without being entirely dependent on how he feels about me for my self esteem. But he's just so darn lovely to be around..
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