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Originally Posted by NutBusterX View Post
I think one more question to be asked of your SO is:

She is clearly poly. Is living poly a hard condition or a want?

Some poly folk choose to live mono and do so happily. Best of hopes for you in this tough situation.
This is where I get to be right now. I don't mind it a ton as long as my husband realizes that I am poly, even if we both agree that mono is what we need to do right now.

Originally Posted by SSmith View Post
Thank you very much for your post, it was very insightful and gives me a lot to think about.
And that's what I LOVE so much about this community. The honest posts and the deeper reflection that members here help a person engage in.

SSmith- I just wanted to tell you that your original post and the subsequent ones sound a lot like my husband and I wanted to give you big hugs. Even though he understands who I am (now) and that was boat-rocking enough, the actual engaging in poly (me) might just be too much for him to handle. It always always helps me to read all the different perspectives here. So thank you!!
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