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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Yea, the theory of absolutes. I have yet to meet a person who 'never' lies. Nor have I met a person who has lied to me who 'never' tells the truth. I think we have to live with that aspect of being human and keep our lie detection equipment tuned and oiled. The reason people lie (barring pathological liars) is generally in an attempt to have the best outcome from an unfavorable situation by shielding people from a truth that could be more destructive to them. We've all seen cases where that was wrong-headed but also cases where it (unfortunately) was the correct choice. Not B/W.
No, not the theory of absolutes at all. It's about gathering data points on people's activities and extrapolating from them.

If you are a business owner and you know that someone habitually shoplifts from all the stores around you, would you tend to believe that they would shoplift from you, or not? Wouldn't it at least make you cautious?

If someone has made vows to another person to love, honor and be together till death us do part, and then wants to have a fling with me and not tell their spouse - what are the odds (not black and white - odds) that they might not tell me the complete truth about something important to do with the relationship? You build trust with people by observing how the deal with other people and how they deal with you - you try to build a picture of that person given the data. The fact that they can lie to their back teeth to someone they made that sort of level of commitment to paints a pretty darned significant red flag into my picture of them.

Is it possible that they may tell you the truth? Of course it is. It's also possible that their spouse might come after you with an Axe when they find out. That's not "healthy".

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