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Hi folks, I'm that titular L chap. I've already introduced myself and a slightly more detailed history of our relationship so far, and a few of my own thoughts, which you can read here.

Anyway, not entirely sure what I'm going to talk about, so this may be a bit of a ramble. I'll start off with what's been bothering me the most, and something Lilla mentioned; barely being able to see each other the past few weeks. It mostly just comes down to bad luck and different schedules. I think the last proper weekend I had with Lilla was March 23rd, as we've had a whole bunch of stuff, both bad and good, happen since then, though for the sake of avoiding a wall of text, I'll try and keep things short.

The first Saturday in April was Lilla and TG's two months, so I was happy to give them that day and night to themselves, and I went round the next day and hung out, which was a good night, with all of us feeling relaxed and friendly, and it ended with all of us looking forward to the next weekend, where we were all going to a dance event together. Unfortunately, I threw my neck out just before that weekend, so I had to skip and stay at home, since I physically couldn't travel. That tore me up inside, as it was something I'd been looking forward to for months, and it would've been the last time all 3 of us could spend time together for a couple of months. It also stressed Lilla out, because as well as having TG there, she was hosting other people who aren't aware of them being a couple, and she was afraid of being noticed by others.

So I was feeling low about not being able to be there, and she was stressed about having to hide the relationship, which made me want to be there for her all the more. I managed to make it over on the following Tuesday, after TG had gone, and spent two nights with her, though we didn't really get to spend much quality time together, as my neck was still being a problem, and her and TG (who came over on the Wednesday night) had to pack for their weekend away, which Lilla has already written about. They left on the Thursday morning, and I stayed at hers for a couple of days, both to look after our cats and because I wanted to have some company, in the form of her housemates.

To be honest, being in the house without her just made me feel lonely, and I just felt depressed for the rest of the weekend. And when I miss someone that much, I tend to be a bit clingier than I should be, which meant I was sending Lilla a lot of messages, and making myself feel worse because I knew she couldn't reply to all of them. Plus the fact that I was wanting more attention than she could give was making her stressed as well, on top of what Lilla's already written about.

Thankfully, we've got this entire weekend to ourselves, so we can have some much needed time alone. I'm not feeling as lonely now, as I think I was just in a bit of an emotionally fragile state, what with my neck injury and a couple of other things that have happened in the last month. We're also getting the next weekend together as well, because we're both going abroad for another dance camp, which we're both excited for.

Speaking of excited, Lilla and I have agreed on an official date when I can move in, which is currently the first weekend in June, as she's mentioned. So yeah, that's going to bring an entirely new dynamic into the relationship, though it hopefully won't cause any problems with TG. I can't really see it doing so, so we should be fine.

I think that's about it for now, unless I think of something later today that either me or Lilla forgot about.
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