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It's ok, BoringGuy. It was a blunt thing to say but you picked the right person to say it to. I'm not very fragile, and I DO feel like a prostitute in this situation.

(Opalescent -- I know you meant to speak up for the board... and that was nice).

I personally think that there's variety in prostitutes. Some are very much victims, and some are absolutely not. Depends on how they became prostitutes, and whether they had alternatives. I am a self-supporting middle-class woman with a graduate degree. If I let someone turn me into a prostitute (for free) because I'm lonely and horny all the time, I'm not a victim, I'm just an idiot. I have bad relationship skills and no self-esteem. Men can spot my particular combination of flaws a mile away, and they use it to their advantage. I would like to learn how not to be this way. But it's not as easy as someone telling me "you let people treat you like a prostitute, so stop". I don't walk around with a sign on my forehead that reads "easy to take advantage of". It's an incremental thing. I'm easygoing, I like to make people happy, I don't offend easily, it's a cluster of personality traits that get expressed in how I make decisions and respond to other people's behaviour that ultimately result in me getting taken advantage of. It's not like I SET OUT to be treated like a prostitute, or want to be!

For this not to happen, I'd have to constantly act contrary to my own personality. That's hard to sustain, on a consistent basis.

Anyway, whatever, I was not offended by what you wrote. I told my boyfriend I'm done with him. I will try to do better next time.
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