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Human beings have a tendency to not learn from the mistakes of others. We have a sick need to experience e the results of shitty decisions for ourselves. I suffered from this too. But after experiencing something I have no problem climbing on my high horse from a position of knowledge and expressing my views. There is no excuse to turn a blind eye to partners' actions. If a person says I wouldn't engage in an affair but then has a relationship with someone who has an unaware partner, their original statement is null and void….it is bullshit. Values are not generally something turned on and off to suit specific situations. If you are with a person who is having an affair, then you are having an affair. Affairs might reflect the ability to love more than one person which is a part of being poly, but affairs are not indicative of poly behaviour. I do not associate having affairs with polyamorous behaviour, nor do I associate them with monogamous behaviour...I associate them with destructive behaviour. This is my experience, my observation, my opinion. Would I be a child molester if my partner was? No. Am I directly hurting that child? No…but turning a blind eye to that would be hurting that child. Turning a blind eye to that would be perpetuating and enabling that behaviour. Nothing would be learned and lives would be damaged.

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