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Default For your support

Thank you all for your uplifting words of wisdom. Though this journey is a hard one, I can see a bit of light in the distance. My boyfriend is due back home soon hopefully and I want to make sure this time he can't escape the talk we have to have, as he so often does.

How do I get him to listen? How can I get him to sit and talk about this? He never calls or writes, no emails, while he's away and when he does he's either drunk or in the process of being so... This is definitely a talk that needs to be conducted sober but how do I approach him? Feel out his feelings on poly? Should I even admit to my feelings for this other man?

I am stuck between Menelaus and Paris... I am far from a Helen of Troy... It's never easy is it? :/
~~From Tara with Love...~~
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