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Originally Posted by Mark1npt View Post
is it customary to start making out with some chick the first poly event you go to?
Hmm... I don't believe there was any making out going on (well, at least not involving myself or JA!).

Not that I feel compelled to defend my/our actions, though the tone of your response felt strangely accusatory and I'm not sure why.

Heck, I kissed P on the forehead while we were sitting around, hanging out and talking... just a sweet little gesture with nothing so sexually charged behind it as "making out" implies. More of a bonding of a newly-formed friendship, and less of a "random hook-up at a bar."

For me, the part that made me most smiley was just holding hands with people... sharing that with JA made it even better.

Everybody experiences things their own way... that's part of what's so great about being alive.
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