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ETA: I thought about this some more. I mentioned "being treated like a prostitute" but I never associated "prostitute" with "victim". I realize that exploitation commonly goes hand-in-hand with "business as usual" in the sex industry, but I am baffled by why someone would automatically assume I'm "victim blaming" just because I compared their relationship to the relationship between a prostitute and a client BASED ON THE PERSON's OWN WORDS. I did use Gala Girl's reference to "needs not being met" as a catalyst for my comment, so perhaps that is really where Opalescent takes issue with my remark?

I do not automatically associate "prostitute = victim". I associate "prostitute = person who gets paid for providing a service". The OP, I repeat, is being treated "like a prostitute" ACCORDING TO HER OWN WORDS, although she does not use the "p" word, and getting "paid" with a story that keeps her coming back for more. If she LIKES that, then more power to her. however, she's on here talking about how much she DOES NOT LIKE IT, and therefore I am trying to get her to see it from a perspective that may help her to make decisions that get different results.

May I gently suggest to anyone who is "triggered" by MY communication style to please put me on your "ignore" list? that would be great. I'm doing everything I can to make sure I am understood and not misunderstood.

ETA2: I'm reporting this and asking the moderators to split these past few posts into a discussion thread. I want to think about it some more and write more but I have to go do other things. Also, I don't want to hijack the OP's thread, but can/will link it to the split thread in case anyone else takes issue with my content. Any fallout can be addressed in the discussion thread.

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