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Originally Posted by lovefromgirl View Post
Though my family did not come apart at the seams, I still wonder whenever my father ventures out with someone not my mother, and so does she. Something fundamental between us got broken when I was twelve. I think it's called "trust".

This was an important point.
Trust, once violated, is not easy to get back. But WOW when it does ! Dealing with THAT issue absolutely will force people to dig deep into their souls and behaviors and bring understanding that might have never been possible in any other way. It's like taking 12 years of psychology courses in 3 months !
We've experienced that awakening in our own relationship (although not around love/sex etc) and can only tell you that it truly did move our whole relationship to another level. Understanding that things we do that impact us both have to be 100% accessible - if not in advance - an minimum on request just emphasizes how closely we're connected.
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