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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post

This is not helpful at all. It is victim blaming and that is not ok. If the OP triggers you this badly - and this is different in tone and intensity than the rest of your comments - ignore this thread. God knows the stories on this board can sap one's ability to empathize but when you reach that point, it's time to take a break.
I disagree that this is "victim blaming". I'm not "blaming" the OP for the treatment she is receiving. I am pointing out that she is allowing herself to be treated poorly. And it is her own words...

If she DOES exist, she seems to view me as a sort of free service provider that takes care of her husband's sexual needs for him so that she doesn't have to.
...that suggest to me that she herself already feels as if she's being treated like a prostitute.

I appreciate that you do not like the way I communicate. I am guessing that if you feel that my post violates the updated forum guidelines, you have already reported it to the moderators. And in the same vein, I have done due diligence by explaining the sentiment and intentions behind why I made that comment.

Thank you for your concern, Opalescent.

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