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Hi Confused,

Sounds like you have an awesome relationship there ! Hope it continues to grow and get better for both.
Couple comments........

Originally Posted by Confused View Post
We have a policy of total honesty and love to share all our thoughts with one another, I worry that there would be things that I would end up not being able to tell.
Understandable concern but probably overemphasized. It's not a conflict to have private pieces of ourselves that we just don't share - maybe with anyone. Part of being an individual. From what you present I doubt that anything that needed and deserved to be "shared" would end up suppressed.

Originally Posted by Confused;
We share every moment together that we possibly can and would never want to spend less time together so I couldn't face sharing him with anyone else at all because I would see him less and I don't see as much as I want to of him as it is.
We have built such an intensely close, fulfilling, exciting and loving relationship and we talk about everything and share all our experiences and feelings. I think I'm spending more and more time lately thinking that I don't want to have anything taken away from that. I don't want to have experiences away from him and seperate from him.
It seems here that you and husband will lean more towards relationships that include both of you as opposed to each having separate relationships. Personally I like that - prefer that - myself (ourselves - mate & I). Something about it is just more connecting for everyone. Then only complexity in that may be if you each tend to lean towards or be attracted to different personality/interest types. Then sometimes it's hard to meet someone who clicks with you both. But it's absolutely possible !

Just a thought though on your comment about wanting to spend "every minute" available together etc. This CAN be signs of dependency - or lead to it - so I'd just be a little careful about that (and honest with myself). Having a little "space" of our own is really necessary & healthy. Like so many other things - balance is the key.

Good luck ! Enjoy the journey.

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