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Wow Galagirl. That is basically everything that is going threw my head. I guess it is just so much stuff I'm not sure were to start to deal with it all.

Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
How are you feeling with the lack of support/nurture/empathy from wife? Her telling you to just get over it on your own? And her POV since she was happy before, all is well in your shared married world, right? You don't get a voice in the marriage? That's an odd attitude to me. She doesn't have to worry about the care and keeping of her husband's emotional needs or well being in a marriage by providing some support/nurture at times?
In regards to this. I definitely do not feel happy about the response. Although I have kind of "beat a dead horse" in talking about this one thing. If my wife and I had a good sexual/intimate relationship between just us. I would have absolutely no issues. But unfortunately that isn't the case and I know that something like that can't be forced it has to grow again. I have to admit that I am to blame for the death of our intimacy. I have been inattentive and quite critical over the past 6 years of things my wife does or doesn't do right and I have been working on changing that even before this situation arose.
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