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Its been kind of complicated by something for me lately. I've always been fascinated by BDSM specifically being submissive and have had only a couple of vague experiences with it before I met my husband. My husband has always known about my desires but has struggled with the confidence to try to explore this area with me. Lately he's bought some books to read and he's really trying to think through his feelings about it all and find areas that arouse the both of us. So we're really inexperienced and lacking in time (because of having two small children) so our explorations are going very slowly and we're spending much more time talking than actually doing anything. Which is just the way I like it for now but sometimes I feel a little impatient.

However this year we found out kind of by accident that our friend (my ex) is interested in this too and in the summer when he came visiting for my birthday he teased me a little and made a few dominant type overtures to me which set my heart racing. Its been a great encouragement to my hubby, seeing the way I reacted made him feel more confident to approach this side of things with me himself but I am wondering how much of my feelings for our friend have come from this reaction.. and if so can they be genuine feelings of attraction or is it just a fascination?

Hi, I'm Confused and I tend to overthink stuff..
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