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"poly" is not your problem. It's your choice of partners. This guy is tl;dr "i'm poly and you can ride my see-saw or get off, kthxbai."

Poly is unloving and purely about sex? Because some playa told you he's poly, treats you unlovingly, and just uses you for sex?

I can't wrap my mind around what causes people to stay in relationships like this... I responded to another thread with the same thing - the sex must be freaking amazing, because why else would you stay if nothing else about the relationship feels good. Also that would explain why you seem to have convinced yourself that "poly is all about sex".

You do realize that just because a person can adapt to nonmonogamy doesn't make them a better person automatically? Do you? I see this motif over and over "i met a wonderful/awesome/fabulous/gorgeous man, and he told me he's poly. He treats me like crap though. What's so great about this "poly" stuff if it means everyone is miserable and treats each other like crap?".


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