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I have a date. Like, really a date. Not a "meet a person who happens to be poly and try to be friends and maybe someday it might lead to more." I've been talking to this guy off OKC for a little over a week now and we've been flirting heavily. Even sexting. *blush* Q fully approves and wants details, which OKC guy has okayed giving.

The biggest problem I have with this guy is that he smokes. I don't know yet if that's a dealbreaker for me. I've dated a smoker before, a long time ago, but it never got serious or physical. We'll see. Until then, besides his ability to turn me on completely, he's a geek. Always a plus in my book.

Q and Miss M are doing well, and have asked that I consider removing the "no overnights" boundary. I'm pretty sure I'm okay with that, maybe once a week(?) as long as Loki isn't home, since I have to be at work before he's allowed to be at school. Besides, I don't need him asking questions and spreading rumors back to his mother. She might decide it's a reason to ask for custody back.
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