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Default confused again...

Yesterday T and I had a planned date, it went well. So well that I offered him to spend the night he accepted. We were listening to music relaxing it was late and the phone rang, it was E. He ignored it.

I immediatly had a problem gave him a scenario that he was her "person" if she was in some type of distress and needed him he would feel bad. Not to mention I dont want that done to me if you are with her. He was very receptive to what i said and called her back. He told her where he was. Low and behold her son was in the hospital (not their kid together). He asked what was wrong. He asked if he needed to come she said no. He offered a couple more times she replied no.

Once the call was ended I told him to go to her. He replied "she doesn't want me there." I being a woman felt she probably did want the support but didn't want to break up the date night. I shared this with him and we decided that she needed the support and he left.

On the way he called E to say he was on his way to her and she refused told him she didn't need him there. He said he tried to persuade her but she declined. He went home.

My question is I was looking out for whats best for everyone but would I have been "selfish" for lack of a better word if would have continued with my date? Do I keep my mouth closed and let them work it out(probably)?

They have a very akward relationship. Everything happens on her terms. I guess this is why he was a bit apprehensive about leaving in the first place.

How do you navigate the things that may spill over from one relationship to the other?

How do you handle phone calls when you're on a date?
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