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Things are going okay these days. Fly and I are having a bit of a rough time, but that seems to cycle through our relationship every couple years, so I'm just holding on and hoping to get through it again. It makes me sad, though, because I feel a little lonely and lost, and it's bleeding into my relationship with Moonlight. In particular, my usually raging libido is almost nil, and that's difficult for her to deal with. Hell, it's difficult for me to deal with, too. I just don't feel like myself, and it's gotten me really discombobulated. Additionally, I've been in an allergy fog for days, which doesn't help matters.

I love him, and we fit together so well in so many ways, but there are some elements (one large one is our "love languages;" neither of us easily show love the way the other needs it shown) that clash and cause sad feelings for me and frustration for him. I'm sure we'll work stuff out, but in the meantime I'm not in the greatest headspace/heartspace.

I took Friday off from work, and Moonlight and I are headed to eastern Washington Thursday night for a long weekend. The weather is supposed to be lovely, I'm looking forward to some heat and sunshine. For the most part, I love our rainy Seattle weather, but this time of year I get a little antsy. Must be a vitamin D deficiency. I'm excited, but also apprehensive. I know she's going to want lots of jungle monkey sex, because she's told me so. I just don't know if I'm up to it. The idea exhausts me. I'm going to do my best to rally, because she's been so loving and patient, but we're both going to have to compromise. And perhaps being away from Fly and work stress with no worries for an entire weekend will be just the thing I need.

I spent a great deal of time in my yard this last weekend, communing with the chickens and planting strawberries and herbs. I've got two big garbage cans that I need Fly to drill holes into so I can plant some seed potatoes in them. Sunshine, chickens, gardening are all that's keeping me sane at the moment.

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