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Morning, morning, morning.

I am getting ready for a morning yoga session and a two hour session at the gym. I have slacked off on my working out, and I need to step it up. I am not trying to lose weight, but I do want to stay toned and fit. I have a Zumba session tonight, too. My best friend seems to think I am obsessing over working out because my weight is one of the few things I can control these days. Working out is my stress reliever.

I am having breakfast with my daddy before I go to work. I want his take on this situation. He is an unbiased party, and I know that he will tell me what I need to hear and not what I want to hear.

I am thinking about spending the weekend by myself. I have yet to take time to process everything that has happened. I have been going non-stop. My hubby has been encouraging it. I just keep putting it off. The trip to Bali did not count. I was focused on my best friend and her big day. Now, I can focus on me. I do need to take care of myself. A weekend for one is in order. I just want to lounge somewhere, turn my iPod on, and read a book.

When I get off today, I will start researching to figure out where I want to spend a weekend. I need to run it by Matt to make sure my plans do not cross with his. At this point, I need some alone time.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday. Class starts in 30 minutes, and I am still not ready. Woke up early only to still be late. Leave it to me.
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